​Engagement Party Planning Basics

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​Engagement Party Planning Basics

Congrats on your engagement! Whether you are the host of the guest of honour or the host, read on to learn more about planning the engagement party.

What it’s For
Besides the obvious, this is the perfect time to introduce people who will play an important role in your wedding and for all your family members to meet. Just be sure that the people invited to the engagement party will also be invited to the wedding.

Who Hosts
Traditionally the bride’s parents would host this event but now couples are usually hosting their engagement party.  Friends and family can volunteer to host as well but please be sure they understand the financial cost associated with the event.

When to Have It
The best time to is usually between 11 and 9 months. This is right before the serious planning begins and if your ring needed to be resized it should be back from the jewelers by now.

Where to Have it
If there will be a lot of out of town guests for your wedding I would suggest having a party where you live and another where your guests live.  This way you aren’t asking your guests to travel twice.

Depending on how many people you would like to invite you could have the event at home, a restaurant or bar, or maybe even a hall. It is really up to you!

How to Invite
Keep it simple. You can make the invite yourself or send out an email using a company like Paperless Post. This is also the perfect time to decide the colours for your wedding if you feel inclined.

At this point you may want to start building your registry too to include with the invitation. Although it is not customary many guests now bring presents to the engagement party.

What to Serve
Anything you would like! There is no need for an elaborate dinner at this point; it can be as simple as appetizers or just your favorite foods.

What to Wear
This will depend on the setting of your party. If you are having a casual affair a sundress is prefect; if it is a little more of a dressy event then a cocktail dress would suit the event. As for your freshly minted fiancé, he only needs to get as dressed up as you do.

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