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By giving couples an online hub in which they can come to find quality vendors, and relevant information from leading industry professionals it is our mission to play a integral role in ensuring the success of our couples by giving them the tools needed to ultimately create a stress free planning experience. 

We believe that vendor coordination for couples, and marketing for the wedding industry through online resources currently has a  direct missing link. We feel it is our duty to be the missing link to this puzzle by creating a direct liaison in which couples can work through many aspects of their wedding from utilizing our unique approach. We also aim to fill in the gap for our participating wedding vendors by giving them quality leads, which in turn will allow them to attain a higher number of clients by becoming part of the Global Wedding Hub family.

Our vision is to create a more personal touch to the wedding online directory system.

Our Story

It is with Rhonda's vision of bridging the gap between vendors and brides that Global Wedding Guide was born.  In the spring of 2017, Jon came on as a Business Partner. Sharing the same vision of what can be done to further the growth of the business, and truly provide a unique set of services for both the vendors and the brides, they put a full plan into motion. They listed to their client base by - switching their site to a self-hosted platform, and have been adding new features.  As Global Wedding Guide was being interpreted as a magazine, They decided to re brand the company as Global Wedding Hub, during their launch of the new Site .

It is their ultimate vision to match the brides with vendors that have a strong work ethic, and high standards. They want to represent vendors who will work hard to ensure the brides vision of one of the most important days of their lives is everything they dreamed it would be and more. They also believe that vendors should have a voice. This voice that can speak out to many brides through their area of expertise in helping brides plan their weddings.

Meet the Leadership Team

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Rhonda Heaslip

Founder & C0-Owner

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Founder & Co-Owner of Global Wedding Hub lives in beautiful White Rock, BC with her son, and three beautiful little fur babies. With over 10 years under her belt in the Wedding Industry, several years' experience in Social Media Marketing, and over 15 years in Corporate Sales, her experience clearly speaks for itself.  From Floral Design, to Event Planning, Décor Design, Decorating, Rhonda has had many opportunities over the years to show her creativity, attention to detail, elegance, and her passion for the industry.

Organized, creative, enthusiastic, and always diplomatic, her unwavering support to every one of her clients has given her the reputation that she currently holds within the Wedding Industry. Her ability to see a clients vision for success, while implementing her creativity, as well as adding thoughtful personal touches is what she continues to strive to be the best at for each and every one of her clients. Ultra-stylish, delightfully enthusiastic, she exudes the perfect combination of passion and love for helping others, and it shows within the work she does for her clients.

Jon Webster

Co-Owner & Business Manager

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Jon was born and raised in Ontario. Growing up he was taught old fashioned values. From his Father he was taught the value of making an honest living, and earning a dollar, along with a savvy business mind. From his Mother he was taught what it meant to help others. Jon found his passion in business at a very young age. With an entrepreneurial mindset, he set out to learn many skills that would later lead him into business management, and leadership roles with major retailers such as Canadian Tire, Staples, and Fed Ex Office; to name a few. Thus, he has 15 + years in Business Management & Sales.

As time passed, Jon took on various roles in various market sectors, learning both the front and back end of business. Always eager to learn, and passionate in his endeavors, he has given it his all in everything he does. Jon has taken many opportunities to challenge himself through the years in many different facets, and environments to grow in both leadership, business management, as well as business and team coaching.

He has sought out leadership coaching through different mediums. Inspirations to Jon include Grant Cardone, Anthony Robbins, and Simon Sinek. By combining a positive attitude, utilizing his leadership skills Jon can assist businesses in the aspects where they lack team initiative to enhancing and finding solutions within a company to where they are lacking support.

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