1. What makes you different than other websites with these types of services?
    • Our listings are capped at no more than 25 Vendors per category, so as not to over whelm the brides and drive more traffic to you.
    • We also organically source out brides and match them directly with quality vendors like yourself, via many Social Media Platforms, instead of just relying on SEO and Google Analytics. With this unique twist it ensures that you’re getting exposure.


  1. Is the service free to brides & grooms? Or do they also pay a fee to browse through your vendors?  
    • The service for the Bride and Grooms is Free of charge.


  1. Do I need to post my prices on the site (packages/service rates)? Or can each inquiry be priced according to the bride & groom's needs?
    • As each couple has different needs for their wedding, prices are not displayed on the site.


  1. When I choose a package to list in, are there other fees that I need to know about? 
    • There is no other cost to your regular listing. However, we do have add-on options with varying costs that can be added onto your regular listing.


  1. How do you get Brides & Grooms to find Global Wedding Hub?   
    • We are always working on our SEO portion of the site, with our links are posted on our social media platforms, vendor networking/ word of mouth. As mentioned above we personally reach out to Brides & Grooms and connect them directly with our current vendors.


  1. How much traffic does your site get on average? 
    • Our stats averaging over the year would,                 Average per month about:
        • 1.4 K Sessions
        • 700-800 + Visitors and growing,
        • 4K Page views
        • with an average Bounce rate 35%.
  1. Do you offer a free trial to test out your services?
    • Unfortunately, we don’t offer a free trial, as our categories are capes at 25 per region, however we have created a very low-priced entry package of $25 yr. (Basic Package)


  1. How long have you been up and running?
    • We’ve been up and running for just under a year… Launched last May 2017 with great success, as we continue to grow our business!