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Powered By Mom

DoTERRA, by Michelle Sutter


Whether you just need an extra boost with your health, skin, hair or overall wellness doTERRA can help. DoTERRA has more than just their amazing essential oils, they have skin care, hair care, health supplements and so much more. Want to do a cleanse to give your system that extra boost and maybe lose a bit of weight? doTERRA can help. Looking for wedding day favors to give to your guests or how about your bridal party? We can help you with that. Enjoy a spa day with your bridesmaids and give them a doTERRA gift bag with spa items, essential oil roller bottles and more. Have a bride's "survival kit" on hand for the big day for those unexpected moments or to even enhance the joyous occasion by diffusing or wearing an uplifting, energizing or calming scent. Everything can be customized to you and even better you can have everything shipped directly to you for low-cost shipping fees AND you can earn free products and possibly $$ just for your own purchases. That's an optional bonus that everyone loves but it's not a requirement.


We're here to give beauty and wellness tips when it comes to the doTERRA products and are happy to recommend a personalized package for you and your big day and/or for the days leading to it. For more information please email: michelle@powered-by-mom.com and check out our site here: https://www.powered-by-mom.com/essential-oils/

Senegence By Tania Easton

Tania Easton

Independent Distributor

SeneGence Cosmetics

Thank you for taking the time to read this. My goal is to help you find the perfect colour for your special day!

What would you say if I said there is a lip colour that will last longer than 30 min? How about 4-18 hours? I know what I said and that is why you are reading this right now. I recently got married and wanted a lip colour that I wouldn't have to keep reapplying, but also something that wouldn't dry out my lips. 
I wanted something that wouldn't rub off when I kissed my husband for the first time. Thankfully, I knew about LipSense beforehand!
 SeneGence products are ideal for weddings. LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence. SeneDerm skin  care will brides achieve healthy smooth skin and our cosmetics won't budge, smudge or run, even through tears of joy and many kisses 
We have 36 colours of LipSense that can be worn alone or layered to create new colours. If you have 3 colours of LipSense you actually have 27 different colour possibilities!
Contact me today and together we will find your perfect colour for your special day!

Jamberry By Katelyn Hartwick

Katelyn Hartwick

Jamberry Consultant

Jamberry's claim to fame is the nail wraps that has become so much more! From hand and nail care to foot care, we make sure you feel fantastic showing off those fingers and toes! Whether you are into the gels. lacquers or nail wraps, there is something for you! All the wraps, gels and lacquers are free of 8 harmful chemicals that are found in many brands! Check out all there is to offer and ask any questions you need answered! I am excited to help make those hands and feet look and feel great for you!

BeautyCounter By Regan Gray

Regan Gray

Beautycounter Consultant



To get safer products into the hands of everyone, without compromising on performance!

At Beautycounter, we’re committed to a health and safety standard that goes well beyond what’s required by U.S. and Canadian law: We’ve banned the use of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals through our Never List—all while ensuring our products perform and that they’re as indulgent as any luxe shampoo, lipstick, or oil in the market.

As your BeautyCounter Consultant my role is to personalize your experience, providing you with answers to your questions, and most importantly supporting you in your choice to use safer products on your wedding day.

My convenient E-commerce site allows you to shop with me directly, and serves as a comprehensive educational resource.

A little about Me 

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritional Coach, Massage Therapist and BeautyCounter Consultant. And creator behind the blog called www.nourishedbyregan.com .Where I share my personal success strategies to live a really nourished life inside and out. 

If I had to choose..... My favorite BeautyCounter product is the Charcoal Face Mask! ( aka No 3 Balancing Face Mask ).


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  • regangray@nourishedbyregan.com
  • 403-681-6926


Seacret by Karen Xekominos

Seacret by Karen Xekominos


The Dead Sea is the worlds oldest Spa. Experience the Seacret difference inside and out.

Rodan & Fields By Joni McElwain

Joni McElwain
Independent Consultant - Rodan+Fields

Acti-Labs With Pamela

Pamela Spitzer



Hi, I’m Pamela! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I will be your guide to skin care,hair care, weight loss, inch loss, teeth whitening and cosmetic products. Skin care products are formulated with stem cell technology, make-up enriched with acne taming and anti-aging formulas, hair care for growth and thickness, inch loss wraps targeting fat cells for immediate and permanent results. Our products are amazing and our prices are affordable. Products are produced to the highest quality with natural ingredients that are good for you and your body needs. We do not test our products on animals! Products are made in our laboratory in France and shipped directly to you. I look forward to being a part of your wedding planning to help you look and feel your very best!



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  • prspitzer@hotmail.com
  • 905-510-4016

June Anderson VanderMolen

Skincare Specialist

June Anderson VanderMolen


Wedding Day Stress? Wedding Day Jitters? Wedding Day Breakouts? We All want our skin to look flawless on our Wedding Day. Start Now and Prepare Your Skin and Body Before the "Big Day" with our Head to Toe Products.

You can with our Anti-aging Skin Care Line. Wrinkles, fine lines, crows feet, discoloration, even cellulite. All Improve! Scientifically Researched and Developed and partnered with 2 BioMedical Companies for Patented Ground Breaking Results. Real Results for Real People.

We say give us a Year and we'll give you back Ten! Always offering FREE 5 day trials of our Night Cream FREE Samples of our Eye Serum Take a Look at these Incredible before and after photos. Real Results. Visit our website at junenmike.nerium.ca 250-809-6550 for additional information and ordering your 30 Day Money Back Gaurantee Products.

Don't forget to ask about our FREE product trials.

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  • 250-809-6550

Arbonne By Chris Christensen



Chris Christensen

Hello! My name is Chris and I would love to share with you my Arbonne story. I had attended a get-together to support a girl friend introducing a love for the amazing products... I had fallen in love with them myself, and had decided to become an Independent Consultant. After years of trying several brands of skincare and make up, nothing compares to Arbonne.
As a 37 year old company, our motto is Pure, Safe and Beneficial; although we love to let our products speak for themselves, we are still proud to announce that they are 100% vegan approved and we do not test on animals. Our skincare line RE9 is rated one of the top 2 brands in CANADA.
We also have a plethora of products targeted for all parts of the body; from head to toe, for external and internal organs. Including a baby line, make up, hair care, suppliments and even some home spa products and plenty more. But enough about me, what about you? What can I do to serve you, whether in skincare, hair, cosmetics or nutrition?
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  • 307-371-6444

Nucerity By Debbe Mosier-Young


Debbe Mosier-Young

Hello! And CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding...I know you want to feel and look your best for all your upcoming events let alone the rest of your life...well this is the product line for you. My name is Debbe Mosier-Young and I came across Nucerity by pure chance.

I've stopped with my toxic botox and I feel better after drinking my elite daily! There are so many benefits and they are scientifically proven. We are the ONLY water based breathable barrier there is and we are an international company. So whether you choose skincare, weight and energy management or both you'll love it!

NuCerity is a GLOBAL leader in MEDICAL-based skin care. NuCerity's flagship product is Skincerity; the world's only masque with Breathable Barrier® technology which seals in the body's natural moisture to create healthy, younger looking skin. It's been validated by numerous dermatologic research studies supported by the National Institutes of Health. It actually locks in 40% MORE moisture for glowing skin.

Please contact me for further information. I'm so glad you've found this product and you will be too!!

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  • Email - dmosier73@gmail.com
  • Phone# - 512-689-4821

Tiber River By Henriette

Tiber River By Henriette

Consultant : Henriette Osgood

Experience the “Tiber” difference it will leave you with a feeling of beyond! Whatever you need to puck her up for your big day, need to escape from it all you can rest assure that Tiber River Naturals has your back. No need to worry since “Tiber” products are all made with natural ingredients. In addition, “Tiber River Naturals” homemade soap or wrap with care in Eucalyptus bio gradable paper that safe for the environment. Safe for you, safe for your family! Tiber River Naturals go beyond their duties none of their product or tested on animals. Taken Care of your well-being is “Tiber” only specialty with over 150 products “Tiber” caters to your ever needs while taken care of our earth. The “Tiber” experience is like a mini-vacation when you need it the most.

Monat By Lindsey Eret

Monat By Lindsey Eret

Congratulations on your engagement! Now, it’s time to prepare for your big day! Let Monat help you get your best hair ever! There isn't a better time to start than now! What is Monat? Finally, hair care that truly cares for your hair! Monat is an anti-aging hare care product that is free of harsh chemicals, free of parabens, and free of sulfates! Our products are naturally based, made with 11+ rare essential oils from around the world that repairs and moisturizes starved hair and penetrates and nurtures the scalp while helping boost natural hair growth! It also improves follicle strength and reduces thinning! Our products are clinically proven to deliver vital nutrients to your scalp and hair to help eliminate frizz, reduce split ends, leave your hair silky and smooth, make your hair more manageable and more youthful looking! Perfect for color treated hair as well as for extensions! No need for a purple shampoo: Monat safely removes the discoloration from buildup to help prolong the color that your stylist intended!

There truly is a product for EVERYONE in your bridal party! Get the perfect hair for your perfect day! The best time to start is now, as your results will only get better with time! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, but best results come after 90 days! Contact me for a consultation as to what products your hair will best respond to, as everyone’s hair is different and I want YOU to get your best hair possible! From shampoos and conditioners to styling products and treatment systems, we have it all! Ask me how you can save money while also getting FREE gifts and FREE shipping with each order from Monat!


Younique By Corina Hemming

Younique By Corina Hemming

Hi Ladies,


My name is Corina and I am here to let you know confidence is stunning on a woman. Nature based, science made products that keep the health and well-being of our earth and animals in the forefront. From skincare to the most glamorous makeup , I have what you need to have you looking your absolute best on your very special day. Our products are designed for the most sensitive of skin keeping in mind the needs of our vegan and gluten free friends.  Younique is more than makeup it’s about empowering, validating and uplifting every woman..and a few men.


Ice N Fire By Reney Hill

Ice N Fire By Reney Hill

Hello, my name is Reney and I am a consultant with Ice N fire.
Have you ever heard of Ice N Fire, well if you have you know what we’ve got, if not, well you are about to find out!
Ice N Fire is a BC Canada owned company that makes Candles, wax melts and body care with a twist.
Are you a stressed bride in need of relaxing? Light one of our candles and drop a cube of the bath melt in the tub, soak and relax. Enjoy the aroma floating around you. Ahhhhh
What do you see? What did you find? Could that be a surprise? You have it. Unwrap and enjoy your new ring or necklace. Check out its value on our site. Wait, what just a tag in the bag. Now you're really have a surprise. Check the value of your new piece that will be shipped to you.
Having a hard time figuring out what to buy your wonderful bridesmaids for a thank you, surprise them with their very own candle or bath melt or even a bar of soap with a surprise inside. Your girls are sure to love your choice.
How about the new mom to be, our wonderful product I’m sure even she will love!
Love the thought of our products but have one to buy for that has a hard time with scents, that’s ok we even have scent free candles with the surprises in as well. So there really is something for everyone.



Phone #- 250-401-7342


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FERI Flawless By Amanda Dastou

FERI Flawless By Amanda Dastou

Supported by science to improve your life, FERI Flawless will reverse the signs of ageing while revitalizing your appearance. I personally started using Flawless in 2017 and within 60 days my skin improved in many ways. Tom H, our formulator wrote, "Over the past 40 years, I have worked for billion dollar cosmetic companies but this is the very first time a company gave me a blank cheque to formulate the best that nature and science have to offer.”
Finally a spa quality product for all skin types, ages and genders that delivers on its promises, perfect for your wedding day.




Phone #- 780-805-4473


GelMoment by Danielle Thompson

GelMoment by Danielle Thompson

Treat you and your wedding party to designer nails, and do your own nails at home with the quality products you would expect at a salon. Get a glamorous finish for a fraction of the cost and have your nails done exactly the way you want them. Then you can take that extra money and save it for your honeymoon or better yet, go get a massage instead 😊 Invite everyone over, with a couple bottles of wine and have a good old-fashioned girls sleepover, and do your nails together. Email me or send me a text and I will go through the steps with you of picking out the kit that will work for you, and the polishes that will give your nails the pampering they deserve!




Phone # - 250-318-7830

Hey Gorgeous By Caprice Ward

Hey Gorgeous By Caprice Ward

Complete your experience with a gorgeous mani-pedi or gel nails, new lashes and brows, a tasteful custom spray tan or facial & body wrap. We’ve got you covered. In-house guests lounge in our pool. Custom packages available. Free wedding nails for the bride with a booking of 4 or more.




Phone #- 250-300-5868

Ana’s Hair Design By Bridget Clark

Ana’s Hair Design By Bridget Clark

Hello there, my name is Bridget Clark I’ve been a hairdresser for 8 yrs now and an eyelash extensions technician for 7 yrs and a Micro-blading eyebrow tattoo technician for 2 yrs. I love to give people a whole new look making them feel wonderful and beautiful giving them a boost of confidence…
I’m all about making the client’s happiness always making your experience very enjoyable and involving you through the whole process of your experience leaving you feeling and looking amazing.


Phone # - 778-551-2920

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